Meet the container app.

Your freedom to order everything.

Even if it is heavy or large.

The best soultion for your small cargo quantites order.

In minutes, we will reserve space for you in the container for the product you have always wanted.
The three steps to booking a space.

Discover what makes us different.
We define excellence - and we deliver.

  • 1
    Purchase a space in the first container that is about to sail to your country

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  • 2
    When ordering the product, you enter our warehouse address in the country of manufacture

    Do you need help? We're right here in the chat button

  • 3
    The product unites with thousands of other orders and is shipped to your country

    After the first order you will receive a registration link to our community

Learn more about unique features.

Container app is a fully packed practical tool of premium built and design!

International shipment

The freedom to order from all over the world easily.

Unity is power

Use the power of unity to get the fastest and cheapest goods.

Geography-based management panel

Advanced technology for maximum results among users around the world.

Premium support

Live chat with a real representative.

Tracking shipments

Real-time tracking of the goods you ordered.

Operating in 55 countries

We operate in more than 55 countries worldwide.

With the container you will have the ability to order everything you want, wherever you want and whenever you want

View at any given moment what the current occupancy status is, and when exactly the container will be on its way

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